Does He Like You?

Does He Like You Or Not?

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By Anna Lynn Sibal

Most women would agree that the first few weeks of a relationship is like a roller coaster ride. She and her man will definitely experience many ups and downs as they get to know each other. While there will surely be a lot of fun days and hot nights, but there will also be times when a woman will feel like she is walking on eggshells.

One of the questions that are possibly lurking in her mind at the start of the relationship is whether or not the guy is in it just for the fun times and the romps in bed, or if he is a keeper who is serious about making the relationship last. How can she tell if her role in his life is to be is Friday night girl or if there is potential for her to hold a special place in his heart for keeps?

There are plenty of signs that can show her the answer, but here are three tell-tale signs of just how deep his degree of involvement in the relationship is that you will certainly not miss.

First of all, when a guy really likes a girl, he tends to be secretive about himself and his needs. It can be frustrating for the woman he is with, but that is just his way of showing his consideration for her. He does not want to appear needy and so will not bother her with every minute detail in his life. On the other hand, a man who is into the relationship only for the sex will deliberately be open about his life. Doing so will make him appear vulnerable to the woman, and there is no bigger bait that a woman will bite than a man who makes it seem that he needs her.

Another sign of liking that a girl should watch out for from his man is whether he pokes fun at the things she does or not. It could come in the form of mockingly criticizing her cooking or jokingly insisting that her favorite matinee idol is a horrible actor. Joking around is his way of hiding his vulnerability. It is also a way for him to test the level of her sense of humor. A good sense of humor is a mark of intelligence, and seriously, guys do not really like to be around a girl who is so straight and uptight.

The third and last sign that a woman should look for to know if the man in her life will only be with her while the fun is going or will stay with her for the long haul is his eye contact. A guy who is finding himself falling in love with a woman normally turns shy around her and will not want to be caught staring at her, especially when they are with other people. Oh, he will look at her, but not when he thinks she or anyone else is looking. Inasmuch as he will not look at her face or body, however, his shoulders and body will remain facing her when they are mingling with other people.

Or she can just walk up straight to him and ask him the truth. That works too.