I Crave Your Love

I feel truly blessed to have met you. It was a moment that changed my entire life, for the better. I was like a drifting soul, restless and aimless, trying to find peace but never reaching it. But then you showed up in my life and showed me what I needed all along.

No words could ever express the pure happiness you give me. I no longer wander aimlessly through life because I now have that elusive peace within me. I never thought that I could meet someone so amazing, so perfect for me.

I realized that I crave your love ... on a daily basis. I crave your smile, I crave the way you look at me, I crave your sweet voice and the way walk into a room and make it brighter. I crave everything about you, I Crave You.
So promise me, my dear, that you will never leave me, just as I promise that my love for you will never weaken, it will never fade and I will never leave you.

Let's hold each other's hands and walk the path of our lives together until our last day on this Earth.

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I crave your love

"I Crave Your Love" is a love letter written by Gabor Timis to his soulmate, his one true love ... the kind of love which only shows up once in a lifetime.