I Love You, My Dear

My dear,

I just wanted to write you a short letter to remind you that I love you.

I get busy with work and sometimes I get home late, hardly having much time left of the day to do much and being tired I then go to bed early. But this doesn't mean that I neglect you, or that I don't care about you anymore. I want you to know that my love is still very strong and that I love you still and I will always love you.

I want to do things with you more often, so I think we should have one evening set aside just for the two of us each week. That way even in this hectic season we have our romantic evening together. I so much want that and I hope that you do, too.
Like a butterfly going to the colorful flower, I am always attracted by you. You give color to my life and I keep flying to you, my dear. You make this life worth living and I want to be with you so together we grow old, still in love.

You are on my mind every day and my love for you never falters.
Tonight is our night, again ...

Butterfly on flower

I Love You, My Dear is a letter written by Gabor Timis © 2016

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