You Came Along

My Darling,

I was searching for love for quite a while, then I have found someone. I thought it would last forever, but I was wrong ... so wrong. In the middle of my loneliness and longing, in the middle of being so alone in a place where no one seems to care, you came along. You found me there. You lifted me up and you give me hope. You gave me the kind of love that I have never received to anyone before.
Now I am wrapped around with your loving arms. Love is within my reach and I feel so secure with you. You always told me to never let go and never give up on love because everything in this world begins because of love. I want to thank you for that. I would be lost without you.

I do really appreciate the way you bestow your love and care to me. I know deep within my heart, you are here to stay. We will stay happy together and grow much deeper in love together, trusting each other, bearing each other's weaknesses and stay in love.

Forever yours

Love Letters