When Forever Died

To the woman I love

It was never going to be easy having to look at you as a friend, yet wanting you to be so much more.
Itís as simple as opening a not so distant door and telling you I Love you but I canít, Iím afraid because you donít see me in that way.

The last thing I want is for our friendship to be dead. Youíve been there for me when I needed you most. As one painful chapter of my life ended, you gave me hope and you showed me reasons.
Itís difficult to be rational when emotions concerned. Why must Love be unconditional? So much for my prayers. Iím torn between the moon and the sun. I canít Love you in the way I want.

I've seen it happen and itís not pretty to watch the stars fall when forever died. I couldnít even cry. All I did was sit out that night, hiding the fear to myself by looking out to a far off place.
Itís cruel but some say the gods play men. Deep in my heart, itís me to be blame. Why did our friendship ended? If there ever were reasons, it would be me because I've become less than a man.

Ruben Lee

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