I Have Come To Love You

To the man I love

If I could only stop what I feel for you. If I could only let it die down. If I could only put myself away from the shadow of you, then I would. However, it is hard to ignore this feeling so intense that I feel for you. It is so deep as the still waters, as strong as mountain standing, so tell me, how can I fight this feelings when I know, I don't even know how to do it.

Many times, Iíve told myself that there is no room for you and me because we are world apart. However, I cannot deny deep inside my heart, Iím still hoping for the two of us. Iím still hoping that someday love will give us a way to share a world with so much beauty and passion, but like I said we are world apart, and I think it is really impossible for us to have a life together. The distance between us doesnít mean that I have to stop loving you because I just know that cannot do it. I would rather let it stay than let it go. I would rather feel the pain, if it means loving you 'cause it is enough for me that I have come to love you.


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