I Miss You

My Darling,

I feel sad and lonely. I miss you a lot. Iíve been thinking about you all the time. I'm missing you like crazy and I think Iím going mad. I simply can't stop thinking of the special times we had. Each moment lasts an hour and each hour lasts a day, just because you went away.

I need you here beside me. You are always in my mind, by the time I wake up tiíll I close my eyes. I just want to see your face. I want to feel your warm body, hear your precious heartbeat and be lost in your embrace.
I gaze out of the window and look up at the moon. I miss you, My Darling. Please come back to me, come back to me soon. They say hope springs eternal. Well, I only hope it's true For I can't bare the emptiness that comes from missing you.

I Miss You!


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