A Love Letter Poem

From another realm of consciousness I heard your voice..... faintly calling me, among chaos and pain ...on another plane....
I felt your touch... I heard your voice.... willing me back to you ... in a circle of noise....
A kiss on my face I feel to this day.... a cold cloth on my head.... I just wanted you to stay.
To take the pain away.... to see your face again and to live another day.... I remember that day....
I rememeber it all... it makes me so grateful.... you never let me fall.
By God's grace I write you these words.... by God's grace I look at you still.... there is a gratitude for living no one can know when you are faced with the fear that soon you may go.
So by the grace of God I am thankful for each day.... each moment... each memory.... there is so much for me to stay.
In your arms I find particular delight, a place where my head rests even on the darkest night.
So I live each day with a new found joy.... a gratitude of all that surrounds me... like a child with a new toy.
My sentiments for you are so deep in my heart.... words cannot define them.... they were there from the start.
So I will hear your voice always no matter the place... I will feel your love always with me through God's grace.

Written by Lisa Sanzogni Barron

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