I Still Love You

To the man I love

We've met and we became close friends. All I knew then, was you were just a friend, but as time went by, love grew in our hearts and it was getting stronger everyday, and we didnít want to let go of that feelings. It was so special and we really fell in love with each other.

There was never a time that I didn't think of you. Your face, your eyes, your hair and your whole self were all I wanted to see all the time. Without seeing you just for a day, was like a very long time to me. We spend many years together, sharing one special true love. We thought it would last for a lifetime, but it didn't happen.

Time asked for the parting of our way and we had to decide. No matter how painful it was for us, decision must be done and so, we did and we cried and we said goodbye. I thought I could forget you, but I was wrong. You were all that I thought about. No matter how hard I tried not to think of you, I just couldn't do it because it was you that I always see each and everyday. So, how was I supposed to forget you then? If I still love you so much.


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