Love Letter To Her

With all my heart, without fear, without wasting time, I am here to express my feelings which obsessed me for a couple of months.
I've been following you up and down, left and right, like a bodyguard ... and now I express myself.

I have to let you know this as I am convinced that deep down inside this is all that matters.

Baby, I love you so dearly, but you seem to not know how important you are to me, how comforting your smile is, how much poorer I would be without you.
People like you are hard to find - you are heaven's gift to me!

For you to answer this would be a license for you and me to start a new life, to have our own family, to love each other until the day we die.

I love you,
With all my heart.

This love letter was written by Clifford I. Vumabalanda.

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