My Dear Sweetheart

My dear sweetheart,

I want to speak truth through this letter and open my heart and reveal a secret to you. I think that this is the right time for me to tell you. I want to say the simple and plain truth that I love you. I love you not only because of your extraordinarily beautiful looks, but also because of your kind mind.

I am not ashamed of telling this world that I love you. In fact we can live with great courage when we love each other. With love, we have stolen each other's heart. There is no law in the world which can bind or regulate our free flow of love.

Your unusual simplicity and feminine qualities always fill my mind with ecstasy. Like a thread which binds the garland, your innate beauty binds your lovable personality. Your beauty and love can not be expressed by words. The fragrance and secret of your love lies concealed in your sweet smile. Your lustrous budding lips and sparkling damsel eyes always flashes the screen of my mind.

You are the only person in the whole world who can delight me with love in every manner. The secret of your beauty lies in your gentle smile. I can't for a moment, even contemplate of being deserted by you. Please join me now in love and save me, because your separation incinerates my whole body like a fire. Only your love can extinguish the fire of my desire for you. Before I saw you, I had so many desires in my mind and wanted more of everything. Now, when I am happy with your love, I feel contended and don't want anything else in this world. Now my only desire is to accomplish your love and nothing else.

When you are with me I can settle in any land and live in any part of the world. With your company, I can face any challenge in life and succeed them with great courage. I seriously doubt whether a future heaven will be as sweet as the present earth with the delicate and delightful company of your love.

You are and you will be the only woman behind my every success. You inspire and motivate me to work hard for the success. You are the lady luck in my life at all times. I feel that I can earn any amount of wealth when I win your love. I assure you that I will love you for ever in the future, as I love you now. I will not change my mind. My body and mind is reserved for you. There is no place for others to dwell in my heart except you.

Loving you forever,

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