My Heart Is Yours

By Pete Weelmaa

My heart is yours for the taking for it has always been yours and yours alone. I've laid all that I am on the table for you to see; I hold no secrets from your eyes.
Let me be the one that earns your love, let me be the one to end the tears and fears of disappointment; let me show you what real love could be like; for I am nothing without you by my side, you complete the dream of where I want to be; which is, with you by my side.

What I seek, I see in you; what I want, is to bring you happiness, and to be happy with you; your heart has worn black for too long now, from the pains of broken promises. Let your lips answer the questions that lay on your mind, let them reveille the truth of my affection to thy heart. Embrace my assault and see the truth that is within in my eyes and within my heart .Let the taste of my lips seal and end any of your doubts

Let me hold you in my arms, and allow yourself to surrender to my heart; I seek you not as the conquest but as a partner in my life; the half that I've been missing out all of my life. For I see past the beauty that is a shell of you, there is a vision that is more then words could ever define; There is a love in your heart that shines brighter then any light could, there is a passion that seeks to be free, but only to the one who is worthy of your love and affection.

What can I say or do to prove my worth to you? I stand here, defenseless; I profess my weakness to you, in hopes that you will rescue me too. See; you and I, we're incomplete until we find the other half that, makes are hearts come alive, when we become whole. Smile my sweet for these words are meant for you alone, fate has brought me here across your path, so digest my thoughts, my words and see what I'm saying here.

All truths, all chemistry, lay in the moment when your lips and mine embraced in that kiss, that will shape and define or lives. Fate drives us to seek each other out. the cynic in you may laugh, but the hopeless romantic in you will act. Truth is found through what your heart feels; follow its lead. where ever it leads you. In the end love is magic it has no rules and it can not be logic with, or reasoned with; we don't choose whom we love, our heart does.

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