Longing To Be Reunited With A Lost Love

My Dear,

My heart still aches for you, my lips still long to feel the tenderness of your kiss. I'm longing for your scent and your entire being. I had your love, but now it can never be. I have moved mountains and earth just to be with you, but destiny granted me a short time to spend eternity with you. Alone in the dark, cold night, my soul is craving for your love. How could a lovely thing such as our love end so quickly? We had it all, we were together as one. How could destiny tear our love apart? How could I go on without my half-life? There's no more room for happiness, desolation has engulfed my entire being and imprisoned me in the dark cellars of uncertainty. How could I live alone when your love is the air that I breathe? The heavens have confined me in gloom.

When I'm with you, that's the only time that I felt alive. The only time that I felt real. Your soul gave meaning to my entire existence. Your comforting words calmed my weary thoughts. Your warm and comforting embrace gave me happiness and glee. In the fleeting moment that we were together, I felt alive. I'd exchange a week of sadness just to feel a minute of your touch once again. I would endure months of pain and loneliness just to feel you in my arms once again. I'd exchange years of agony just to feel your heartbeat once more. I want to envelope you in a warm embrace and feel every single heartbeat that spells out your name. I want to feel whole again. I would endure years of shame just to feel your soul mingling with mine.

Extreme sadness was cast upon me the minute you were gone. Everything has changed. I've been this lowly creature and destiny denied me of thy happiness and love. I will never be me again for as long as you are not with me. I have confined my heart in the sanctuary of your love, but now it's already lost and I've no home anymore. Like a beggar who sleeps on the cold, dark streets at night, I succumb to thy misery. The cold, sordid night would leave me in the abyss of loneliness, where I would forever lie in misery.

As I lay myself to sleep tonight, I would let the tears flow on my pillowcase. I would dream of you tonight and feel your love once more. I won’t ever want to wake up, for in my dreams you’d be holding my hand but in reality we can never be together again. I love you dearly, I love you for eterntity. I would allow the melancholic lullaby lull me to deep sleep. I would dream of you tonight, I would hold you and kiss you. I would succumb to endless sleep so that I could feel your love once again. I can’t wake up and I won't.

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