How To Write A Love Letter

Love hearts

By Anna Lynn Sibal

In this day and age of wireless communication, does anyone still take the time to write a love letter? Maybe the very idea of writing one now causes people to roll their eyes and make snickering comments on how quaint and old-fashioned writing love letters are now.

However, if you really love a person, giving that person a love letter that you yourself have written is a grand gesture of that love. If that person loves you back, there is no doubt that you will be able to touch his or her heart with your love letter.

But just how does one write a love letter?
Here is how.

Set the Mood

Writing a love letter requires you to be able to pour your feelings out on paper. For that, you need to be in the mood to express your love.

How do you set the mood for you to be able to write your love letter? The best way to do that would be to create an atmosphere of romance in the room where you will be writing your letter and pretend that your loved one is there with you.

The room you would be using should be secluded, where you could write your love letter in peace and with privacy. If it helps a lot, you could dim the lights and light up a few scented candles or fragrant incense. Also, play a CD of romantic songs that remind you of your loved one.

Create a Catching Presentation

To make your love letter really special, you should use stationery – matching sheets of paper and envelope. You could lightly dust the paper with perfume that your loved one likes to smell on you as a gesture of intimacy. When you are done with your love letter, you can include a pressed flower or flower petals with your letter in the envelope.

But more importantly, you should write your love letter neatly, clearly and legibly. There should not be any blots or erasures on your letter. Some would hire a calligrapher to do it for them, but having someone else write your love letter for you kind of minimizes the sincerity of the act. It would be best to write your love letter with your own hand.

Writing Out Your Heart

The presentation aside, the most important aspect of your love letter is the body of the letter itself. In writing your letter, you should express what you feel about your loved one with as much passion that you can muster.

Start the letter off with the salutation. Unlike most letters that begin with “Dear Mr. So-and-so,” your love letter should start with an endearment like “My Beloved [name of your loved one]” or “My Darling” or whatever pet name that you have for your loved one.

In the body of your letter, you should include the reasons why you love your partner and what is it about him or her that you love so much. Express your gratitude that he or she is in your life and how your life seems to be better with him or her being in it. You do not have to be flowery with your love letter. You can express yourself as simply as you want, as long as you come off as truthful and sincere in your letter.

And then, close the letter with a promise of your unchanging love. Tell him or her that you shall always be there for him or her whenever you are needed.

Love letters may be old-fashioned and quaint in this day and age of the email and wireless communication. Nonetheless, it remains a powerful way of expressing your love for your special someone.